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What should I choose Freeview or Freesat?

We get asked this question a lot here at District Aerials and the answer we give is simple, it really doesn’t matter! Both options provide the same number of channels and built in digital services, similar to those using the red button on BBC for example.

The main difference between the two being that Freeview is brought into the home via an aerial and Freesat is brought in via a standard satellite dish, like the ones used for Sky TV.


Freeview requires a high quality aerial signal to receive all the channels and services, if you do not have a good enough signal then you will notice “break up” occurring on most channels or in some cases blocks of channels will be missing. Usually replacing the aerial system with a modern equivalent will fix this, if not, a powered amplification unit can be fitted to increase signal quallity and if both these options fail to work then we would advise installing a Freesat dish and box.


Freesat requires a standard satellite dish and Freesat box (receiver) to provide you with all the same great channels and services as Freeview. If you already have an old satellite fitted by and used for Sky then all you need is a Freesat box and you can receive this service for free with no installation by us needed, although please be aware that in some cases an upgraded LNB may be required. Once the dish is in the correct place and Freesat is being received you should never see any loss of signal. Because of the relative angle a Freesat dish has to be to receive signal from satellites above us it is useful for use in built up areas where a standard TV aerial may be pointing at other buildings or even trees.

Our technicians have the knowledge and testing equipment needed to provide you with all the information you require to make the best decision on which system is best for you, call us today for a free evaluation and quotation with no call out charges.

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Thank you District Aerials! I had problems getting reception, and after calling help desks and getting answer machines eventualy got fed up, saw the add for district aerials and made the call. Within the day my reception has been restored throughout my property.
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