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Welcome to District Aerials
The Aerial and Satellite Specialists in East Anglia

District Aerials was established by Robert Brough in 2006. After working for a large local family run electrical retailer for over 8 years Robert decided to use the experience he had gained from his time there to take on his own business venture.

Now more than 6 years on Robert and his team at District Aerials provide not only an excellent service in the installation and repair of aerials and satellites, but in ALL aspects of home entertainment installation, demonstration and maintenance.

With experience and knowledge behind us we are adaptable to all your home entertainment needs whatever make or model your setup may be.

Robert and his team's friendly nature and extremely professional attitude has been a great hit with customers and has ensured that repeats and recommendations have pushed them from strength to strength.

With District Aerials, Robert has proven that excellent workmanship and value for money can come hand in hand, which as a result of this formula has kept the work flowing in and of course more importantly YOU THE CUSTOMER HAPPY.

"Thank you for visiting our site, I hope we have answered any questions you may of had and if there is anything else you would like to discuss feel free to call and ask, we are always happy to chat about our work, unless of course we’re half way up a ladder, in which case leave a message and we’ll call you back.

Many thanks, Robert Brough and the District Aerials team


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